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The Pulsarix:I start to make Electronic Music in the later 80s. My former Sources of Inspirations were all the New Age and Synthesizer Tracks by people like Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze or Kraftwerk, to Name but a few.I like to call many of their Works as a precursor to Trance because of their Melodic and Hypnot ic Sequencer T racesIn the early 90s the first "real" Trance Tracks were developed in Germany ( Frankfurt ) by artists as "Jam and Spoon" or "Dance to Trance" as for Examples.Then 1993 came a still relatively unknown Producer named "Paul van Dyk" with his awesome Remix of Humates "Love Stimulation".This was the kind of Epic and Melodic Electronic Music that overwhelmed me and so i began to Experiment in this

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