BVIBES (r.n. Bosoi Narcis Robert), born in 1993 in theromanian city Galati has always been interested in tranceand electronic music. At the age of 12 he started to listendifferent types of electronic music, and after 1 year hediscovered trance music. He liked so much that after somemonths he started to produce and learn more and morethings about this genre.One year later he discovered one of the biggestDAW's (Digital Audio Workstation) Reason 4 and thisbecome his main tool for producing music. In 2008 heentered in the Redux Recordings Remix Competition with hisCasino Remix and he was one of the winners.Since then he felt that it’s ready to go to a next level ofproducing and the first tracks under the "BVibes" guise wassend to the Melle Bakker’s label Sunset to SunriseRecordings. The

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