Belaha (real name Sergiy Belashko). Was born on September 30, 1987 in Sumy, Ukraine.Dj and producer. He has been being fond of music since hisschool-day's. Studing in colledge he attempted to ompose his own music. In spring 2007 the first album of his band, named Linnem Absor, appeared and was called "Invention". It contained 9 compositions and 3 remixes. In autumn 2007 our second and the last album, called "Peoples Of The Broadcast" appeared.Since the dj Belaha became the resident of the greatest parties in the city clubs and open-air parties.In spring 2008 his EP album Dreams appeared. It cotained 4compositions of different electronic directions, and soundet the voices of the young talanted peoples from Sumy.Belaha's tracks, remixes and mashups constantly come upon the play-lists of the top DJs and

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