Santino Sardo & Gaetano Bonfiglio dj duo Italian producers with artist name BlastersBoyz, fused their musical talents. BlastersBoyz have created a reputation in North Italy through their Dj Set.BlastersBoyz are known to the best clubs in Milan, Turin, Brescia, Bergamo, etc...Santino & Gaetano began their career performing in various national web radios.In 2010 the duo performing in live web radio with their dj sets.The first album of the duo BlastersBoyz is "The Party Starts" in February 2014, they subsequently released numerous traces confirming their style always on.BlastersBoyz in addition to their productions, releasing remixes of famous artists.In March 2014 did a nationwide remix contest for the festival "Sensation White" reaching the top spot were chosen to perform at the festival.The 2014 was a big year for BlastersBoyz thanks to the

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