Herby van CF

Herby van CF (real name Herbert Falk) Dj since 1995, producer/remixer since 2017, was born in 1973 in Saarlouis in the beautiful Saarland in Germany. He loves electronic music, when he heard about "Off - Electrica Salsa" for the 1st time in 1986. He always spent the weekends of his youth in clubs and discos. In 1995 he decided to take vinyls into his own hands and started to play at smaller private gigs. Since 2000 he has been booked as a resident and guest DJ in various locations in Saarland, Palatinate and the surrounding area. Since 2012, he has been playing as a support DJ at festivals and in clubs with the most famous international DJs such as Talla 2XLC, Marusha, Dj Taucher, Dr. Motte, Andy Düx, Westfalia and

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