They call him Toni Savaggio. That’s me. The nomad. The wandering minstrel. Who brings strings from the deeps to the floor. My biology is from Berlin, where I started on streets and ended up in the clubs. I wandered from dancefloor to stage, making sounds which I decorated by attaching strings as I went. Among those places were Kater Blau (Berlin), Ritter Butzke (Berlin), Chateau Perché (France), The Great Wall of China, House of Yes (NYC), Meadows in the Mountains (Bulgaria). I made good friends along the way and made music with them. Sounds were hosted on labels like Magician On Duty, Suprematic, ThreeRecords, Submarine Vibes, Suckmusic and Natura Viva. Now I live in Cornwall. So come find me. I’ll hold you close. Whoever you are.

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