Ploughman is a DJ,Producer,born in hungary.After years of experience in clubs, he started in 2010 to create his own beats. Nowadays, he is working with the best digital labels like:Italo Busines(Dandy & Ugo label), Rabies rec(Boshporus Underground label),Punch Underground (Glit t er label)Fut ureaudio,Empro Music,Strict Rec(Louie Cut label)Droplet Music(Avrosse label)M-Vitamine(Min&Mal Label)Define Rec,Dark Face Rec(Gaga label)Mystika Records,Berlin Aufnamen(Ramirez Resso label)and more. His Minimal and Techno productions has entered the Beatport Minimal and Top 100 several times and his tracks are charted by great artists like Umek, Gaga,Swallen,Mat t eo Poker and many more. He made remixes for artists like Swallen,Matteo Poker Microcheep and Mollo, Gaga,Mateo, Avrosse, Louie Cut, Florian Tiack,Basciu ,and more Now he is working on his own label Shark Danger Record...start soon @ Beatport and work some big clubs

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