The roots of the music career of plan-e (Niki Beckmann, born 1972) had grown at the age of 8, when his parents bought some Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre vinyls. 1991 plan-e listens to Steve Mason for his first time in his home town Hameln. From this time on Niki began to buy his first records. He started his first mix-sessions in the parents cellar. He mixed Detroittechno and Acid. 1993 plan-e got more and more in touch with the harder Detroittechno-sound. In this year he got his first gigs. 2000 niki began to do his own productions. He created music with different styles of techno. Till today he produced over 400 tracks. Some of them were releases on labels like Definition Records, tst and Methadon Rec.). In the near future

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