Jad Cooper

With solid musical foundations in saxophone, piano, bass complimented by years of djing and a physics degree, Jad is pushing the boundaries of the current musical landscape. With experiences spanning living in the UK, Canada, Morocco, Japan and both New Orleans and New York, his sound is an amalgamation of his passion and understanding of the mechanics of dancing, sound and global experiences.His collaborations include the likes of Drlkt Freddie, Audio Kode, Joeski, Casey Spooner (FisherSpooner), SIA, Larry Tee, Nadia Ali (iio), House wives, Alexander Technique, Disco Damage, Nina, Dirty Disco Youth, Sick Boy, Riviera, releasing on such labels as Kinetika Records, Djs Are Not Rockstars and Aztec Records Aquarius.Never wanting to be constrained to one type of sound or technology, Jad is sure to push the boundaries further.

Latest Releases