Gee Moore

Gee had a musical upbringing in England and a professional singer and guitarist from the age of fifteen. Gee is a DJ, music producer, Radio & TV presenter, music columnist, owner and creator of the Bora Bora club and music concept that he started in 1997 on the island of Ibiza. In 2005 he moved Bora Bora music brand and the most famous cosmopolitan beach club concept in the world to its new official home now in Brazil. In 2012 he opened a 2nd Bora Bora in Tunisia. A 1500 capacity open air night club in the Mediterranean city of Sousse..... Short facts: Clubs + Events: Warung + D-Edge (Br), Amnesia (Ibz), Rainbow + Global gathering (UK), U60 (Germany) .....and more Labels: Media, React, Perfecto, Eukatech, SLR, Revolution, Bora Bora Music

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