Rickie Snice

Obtaining some belt-drive turntables at the end of the nineties is a thing that changes you life. Influenced by the late 80ies'House music and by the Disco of the 70ies. Rickie Snice starts to push the first buttons on the console, finding himself deeply tied up to Hip-Hop and to Black Music in general, till coming upon t o t he 4/4 kick, which becomes his credo.He explodes in the summertime of 2009 securing himself a space in all the relevant local line-ups, publishing "Urban Jump" for the local Killa Tunes and inflaming hearts opening the Mad in Sicily Festival. He cranks out daily remixes and makes noise, as to arrive to the Mustard Pimp, who put one of his remixes in their last work. And his "so rumbling" sound

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