Marcin Tusinski aka Rewarrp is a producer and DJ who wasborn in Poland in 1988.Marcin discovered techno as a geek who was maniacallybuying a Techno CD compilations until one day hediscovered Cubase - this was a breaking point ofdiscovering inner talent for music production. By the 14thbirthday he was considered as a freak - he did not play ball,nor he watched any matches, nor he played any computergames. He was sitting in front of the computer andexperimenting with synths.At age 16 he left Poland to start a new life in Italy.While living in Italy he was listening heavy metal music.Inspired by this sound he bought his first guitar but quicklyexchanged that into production of a Techno music. Hismusic was so impressive that whole school was astonishedabout his achievement. It was

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