TEELCO is an Albanian DJ/Producer from Tirana. DJ from 2004, more than 19 years experience in underground, lounge, clubs industry. He made his debut in music industry since 2013 with more than 80+ original & remixes tracks signing to different labels all around the world. His passion for music has never stopped since 1997 when he first started his journey as a musician. There is no separation between him, playing music and producing. His second "home" and sense of peace is behind the decks and creating music. Hailing from Tirana, the Albanian artist has been a fixture of the progressive music scene for the better part of a decade. His deep enchanting sounds have found a home and standout releases on Balkan Connection, Soundteller Records, ICONYC Noir, Mango Alley, Dopamine White, The Purr,

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