Mario Biani

Coming from the Catalonian prolific scene of the 1980’s,Mario Biani can brag of living between decks and mixessince the beginnings of 2000. Dynamic and addicted topercussion and frenetic rhythms, Mario is better known inthe Spanish electronic scene due to his characteristic wayof feeling the audience and his approach to heat the dancefloor.His name starts spreading from mouth to mouth inBarcelona’s underground scene thanks to his sessions,Narkotic Dlux, and his close works with Hazard DesertFestival and Enter Group teams, taking advantage of alegendary location as the Monegros Desert Festival to showout his sound. Time after, in 2008, he joins ElRow andFlorida 135 families as one of his famous and renownedresidents. Mario Biani perfectly adapts his sound to thecircumstances and becomes one of ElRow’s squires playingon the Catalonian club on Sundays, getting

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