Enrry Senna

One of today's most innovative and energetic producers, Enrry Senna has established an impressive reputation in a short amount of time. A native of Brazil, Enrry's ties to music stretch all the way back to his early childhood, when he was exposed to everything from opera to samba. Shaped by his culture and his family's passion for music, Enrry possesses an intimate connection to house music that is unmatched and unmistakeable. Ten years ago, Enrry began playing in his homewtown while producing his own tracks and remixes. Within a few short years, other DJs in Brazil and abroad started to recognize his exceptional talent. Soon, DJs such as Peter Rauhofer, Tony Moran, Paulo, and Abel began playing his music regularly during their sets. Not only have Enrry's tracks been played at every major gay club and circuit

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