Geez also known as Gregorgus Geez is a self-made production phenomenon in the entertainment industry. 
He is mostly known for his trademark voice that brings dynamic captivation 􏰀to every entertainment production he participates in. 􏰀THE SOUND OF GEEZ 􏰀charges musical productions with inspiring self-written lyrics and a deep electrifying sound that 􏰀is hard to ignore and impossible not to feel. Born in Suriname, South America, but raised in the Netherlands and currently based in Cologne, Germany. Geez has been exposed to many music influences. As a young adult Geez moved to Germany where he pursued gogo dance performances throughout clubs in Europe. In Berlin he met and became friends with world star DJ/producer Micky Friedmann. 
One day Micky found in Geez’s voice the perfect dark ingredient for his new track in collaboration

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