Eamonn Fevah

Eamonn Fevah / Smith n Wessen / Native Onz Techno ,Trance , Progressive & Hard Dance . Eamonn Fevah is an acclaimed music artist who has been producing and playing electronic music since 1997. With his journey starting in London, he became a driving force behind one of the influential hard dance and trance brands that paved the way for countless emerging artists from Australia and New Zealand. Having organized over 500 Fevah events in 15 countries, Eamonn's global footprint is undeniable. Throughout his career, Eamonn Fevah's musical style has continuously evolved. Beginning with a focus on trance, particularly the harder end of the spectrum, he later delved into progressive, house, and more recently, progressive and techno. As one of the first Kiwi DJs to grace the stages of Ibiza,

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