Andy Farley

Ask any hard-house clubber to name a DJ that epitomises the hard-dance scene and the chances are they will suggest Andy Farley. In a career that spans 29 years, this hard-house legend has played more sets, to more clubbers than pretty much any other hard-house DJ. Andy’s DJing roots can be traced back to 1986 where he started playing a few soul and R&B sets, but in 1987 he met Tony De Vit, the DJ and producer many credit for inventing the hard-house genre that made after-hours and under-ground Trade club famous. Immediately Andy became passionate about house music leading into hard-house and quickly earned a reputation as being a maestro in the genre that soon gave birth to brands such as Nukleuz, Sundissential, Frantic and Vicious Circle. Bookings up and down

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