Nick Havsen

Nick Havsen, the electrifying DJ and music producer hailing from Romania, has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the global electronic music scene. His exceptional work in the "Bigroom" genre captivates crowds with high-energy DJ sets that leave audiences in awe. With an impressive catalog of releases on top-rated record labels such as Rave Culture, Revealed Recordings, Smash The House, Armada, TurnItUp Muzik, Reaching Altitude, and more, Nick Havsen has proven his artistry through a string of successful singles and remixes, collaborating with top-tier DJs. With over 500,000 monthly Spotify listeners, his tracks have garnered millions of streams and earned recognition on prominent radio shows, and playlists worldwide. Renowned for his distinctive old-schoolish Bigroom sound, characterized by massive kicks, explosive drops, and soaring melodies, Nick Havsen is a driving force

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