Blackcode A.k.a. Lorenzo Lustrissimi is a 26 years old Italian dj and producer born in Subiaco (a small town near Rome). Start djing since 14 years old, in 2014 starts “Blackcode” project with no previous musical experience. The rst big Blackcode release was "Sapphire" released on Revealed Recordings supported by the others by Hardwell and David Guetta, followed by “With You” and “If I Stay” on Revealed Recordings. 2019 is the year of “Gravity”, “Love Again” and "Keep Us Down" on Revealed Recordings again "Focus", and "Supernova" together with Kosling on Proximity getting amazing support from the Edm scene. These release bring him to play in some of the best italian club and at the ocial Revealed Recordings Pop Up Store in Amsterdam. 2020 looks so bright with a lot

Latest Releases