Dasha Rush

Dasha Rush , real name Dasha Ptitsyna Van Celst Born in Russia, she grow up in Moscow. Began to dj in her home country at the age of 14. Opening herself to diverse style of electronic music from ambient to hardcore. After her move towards Europe in 1996, beside djing and working in fashion business, Dasha Rush began multi-artistic collaborations alongside artists and dancers. Developing sound installations and working with theatre/dance pieces. Well-travelled Muscovite Dasha Rush has spent most of her time between Paris, London and Tokyo, Exploring emotional and technological aspects of electronique music, as well as symbiosis and conflicts between sound and other artistic expressions. During this period she brings up "Hunger to Create" concept , awakening ,earlier mentioned ,relations between music and arts. In end of the year 2004 she approached back to dancefloor music , and create new

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