The Mover

“Darkness is not mystical, it's your everyday reality"Marc Acardipane is the creator behind 'The Mover and co-founder of Planet Core Productions (PCP) well known for his hugely prolifc career in electronic music spanning 1989 to the present day.With the 1990 masterpiece, Mescalinium United - We Have Arrived, The Mover mapped out his sonic blueprints spawning the heavier, hardcore end of the techno spectrum. The global impact and infuence of this record was huge and its legacy continues in 2017 with Acardipane's new 'Planet Phuture' imprint.The Mover's haunted shadow is cast over renowned labels such as R&S, Tresor and Industrial Strength; labels who have put out infuential releases which showcase his rich array of aliases.The Mover's work channels the everyday dark realities of life into dense, uncompromising soundtracks and rhythm structures

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