Andy Vaz

Andy Vaz_Straight Vacationing_Presse Bild10_for Album COVERBiographyAndy Vaz hails from Düsseldorf, Germany, the breeding ground of Kraftwerk. Since 1997, Andy manages and curates Background Recordings, internationally acclaimed as being one of the most instrumental labels to concentrate on what people refer to as: minimal techno.Long before Minimal Techno turned into a genre, and subgenre after subgenre were invented,Andy has already been concentrating on providing a cultural conduit for true minimal electronic music. Some of the most influential international musicians of the minimal electronic music movement had their works presented on his Background Imprint. Artists such as: Akufen, Sutekh, Jan Jelinek, Todd Sines, Terrence Dixon, Jeff Milligan, Submania, Rhythm Maker, Kit Clayton, Ectomorph, Deadbeat, Baby Ford, Stewart Walker, Donnacha Costello, Geoff White, Smyglyssna, Portable, Frivolous and many others have graced the Background

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