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  • Release Date 2014-07-23
  • Label Traum
We have compiled these tracks over a period of one year and think they reflect some changes of the genre and a broad variety of it, often on a high level.The mono culture of music was never an idea we cherished. The discovery though of new artist and styles including taking risks, is something we accept with pleasure.In this respect Tour De Traum is a way to deal with music and just music.Pick up here tracks by newcomers, famous artists and artists that have released eps on our label in the past. Almost all oft he trax are unreleased...

Ri Za, Sensoreal & Tomin Tomovic - Tatraground
We released a track from Ri Za on the last Tour De Traum. He wrote his new track "Tatraground" together with Sensoreal & Tomin Tomovic which resulted in a pleasant and deep journey of evaporating sounds with hints of melancholy.

Tominic - Shine
Tominics track "Shine" performs here a true balancing act beginning with a soundscape and changing direction in an unpredictable fashion towards melodic techno.

Paul Bart - Call It Anything You Want
Paul Bart has written with "Call It Anything You Want" an introspective track, very much in limbo, never touching the ground. The hypnotic quality grows on the listener while the track expands with each step. This track is for home listening as well as to play out.

sinDamaged - And This I Promise You
The new Zealand based multi Instrumentalist sinDamaged impresses through his acoustic finesse, bouncy baselines and piano chords that melt on the rise. His arrangement involves many details and has a dub like feeling to it , making it a sensual experience.

Paul David Heckhausen feat. Jaron Tripp - Hang Zur Sonne
Paul David Heckhausen graduated in composition, music and studio productions at the Prins Claus Conservatoire in Groningen/Netherlands in 2013. His track "Hang Zur Sonne" is a tender and floating piece of music, with a perspective that rotates and changes position and announces the sins of summer. Amongst many things you can witness a very skillfully programmed breakdown and a karma put forward which is positive and unique.

Theo Meier - Eichhorn
The young producer from Vienna has released already on Tour de Traum VII. His new piece of music is called "Eichhorn". It can easily be termed a multifaceted assemble of music, colorful and driven by the personal fantasies of Theo Meier. Evoking pictures of ghost towns, gun slingers, ska ruling chords and sun drenched melodies. Theo Meier has put his hands on a stunning exotic mix of genres here.

Sonority - Evolved
The Prague based artist Sonority stems from a musical family and has with his track "Evolved" an erected an energetic stream like piece of post Detroit music which is fused here with influences of electronica as apposed to dj music. Listen to his fast paced arrangement of "Evolved" which is rich in details in a time lapse fashion.

Oniris - Summertime
French artist Oniris has been recording for a couple of well known labels in the past and is being played out by icon Laurent Garnier frequently. Like the track name suggests this track is devoted to the season of now. It expresses with a lot of musicality and self played melodies the colorfulness of such a season as summertime with all its variations. It is a gentle and smooth affair just like it should be. "Summertime" is a soulful and still adventure.

Peet - Timers
The Hungarian dj and writer Peet is back after his "Half A Dozen Twins" ep with Traum and a track on last Tour De Traum. "Timers" is compared to that track more composed of "one theme" that undergoes delicate changes. "Timers" is an emotional roller coaster and still has that melancholic edge to it and reminds us of Aphex Twins "Acoustic Window" period. So it is for the people who appreciate the vintage and the energy of the mid 90ies, which includes us.

Reinier Zonneveld - Gevorderd Spelers
Reinier Zonnefeld has recorded on several Tour De Traums and has released solo eps on our deepest imprint MBF LTD. His new track for Traum is "Gevorderd Spelers". It stays true to his liveliness of changing patterns and themes in blocks after breaks. A unique and courageous arrangement which you dont often hear by techno musicians. You could call "Gevorderd Spelers" exotic, extraterrestrial and bewitched. Reinier writes angel like melodies which are so soft they will penetrate concrete by diffusion. Reinier at his best.

Trashlagoon - Prophets Like Us
An ambitious piece of music by these two German producers. Cinematographic, black & white, romantic distorted angles of perspective, ingenious twists and turns of plot, subtle detail a paradise for the ones who seek nothing but find much! A very sophisticated artistic and braver endeavor breaking with connections all along the way. We are happy top have them on Tour De Traum for the first time.

Tim Engelhardt - Der Rosenteich
Tim Engelhardt is still young at heart and the youngest artist on Tour De Traum, but he has already recorded several releases for labels with a name. For Tour De Traum he has invented with "Der Rosenteich" a track which focussed on Traums profile... building landscapes of solitude and vastness, and geometrical forms that collide in union. "Der Rosenteich" reflects beauty in many enchanting ways here, always emotional... always light.

Max Cooper - Autumn Haze
We don`t have to say much about Max Cooper. He recorded and released this track on Traum some time ago. We believe there is a time for each track to be pulled out of the hat again to see the light. And it had to be" Autumn Haze" for us this summer. Super artist, super track!

Minotor - Innervisions
Minotor are a French duo from the South who have contributed to Tour De Traum for the first time. "Innervisions" has an acoustic quality which you dont hear very often in techno it is close to perfection and very balanced. "Innervisions" reflects a lot of different musical styles, different influences, using guitar and stunning vocals that melt in your hands. Its smooth balearic deepness is a perfect soundtrack for the sunrise at the sea and reminds us of the best on French label Super Discount which we used to adore.

Nicola Assi, The Oldman - Rampage
The duo from Italy has been influenced by various styles of music which manifests in their track for Tour De Traum VIII. Their track "Rampage" is somewhat "music noir", a story told in black and white, clonk beats knocking at your door, a tale of hate and love and maybe also the story of jack.Whatever you see in this track "Rampage" it is a brilliant chase through rhythms with an admirably understatement!

Nick Dow - Armour Plated
"Armour Plated" is one of the recent highlights on Taum by Scottish producer Nick Dow. A track that can determine your set. And certainly a track that changes its aura in whatever context you play it. Hear it here in the mix and you will see what we are speaking about.

QLONS - Lejos
The duo from Switzerland have been supported by Max Cooper, Josh Wink, Ryan Davis and more. Their contribution for Tour De Traum VIII has resulted in a grainy and darkish tale spiced up with eruptions of acoustic instruments. "Lejos" interprets the wiggling rhythm of Detroit music in a new way. The guitar sounds speak a language of gold and prosperity. QLONS are spirit catchers. They lead us into the underworld. "Lejos" is a tour de force par excellence.

Vamos Art - Wunderbar
Vamos Art are from Stuttgart and both artists have been active drummers. So it is no surprise that their beats are slamming and funky. What makes the track a unique one is how the synths alternate with each other, surfacing here and there and drowning at another point. The melodies are heavenly and pleasant. The track combines club feel with emotions high and low. Try to escape.

Mononoid - Fialka
The Dutch duo has released several eps on Traum. "Fialka" is a new unreleased track they have written. A track that could easily be described as a sound track to a documentary about a microorganism that lives in the soil 11000 meter below the sea level! Darkish, gloomy, nightmarish. It is the world of Mononoid as we like them.

Module One - Escape
The Russian artist Module One has been experimenting with music for a time span of 14 years with stops in the US doing his own radio show. He defines his music as heavily influenced by the Berlin sound. We would call his track "Escape" an early dub techno track that meets unearthly melodies. Module One lends the melodic genre an attractive understatement and makes him so attractive for Tour De Traum.

S22 - Wish You Were Gear!
The London based artist says he is influenced by the original Balearic eclecticism. Since we cannot judge that we would say that "Wish You Were Gear" could intend to present a resurrection of the emotions, to depict the conduct of a human being in the stratosphere of ideas, that is, in the grip of a delirium. We hope S22 can live with this equation. Brilliant.

Soulspace - Time With Her
Based in New Delhi, Soulspace has lent us with "Time With Her" a fragile, tender and sad song. A feeling so delicate that no filaments could possible catch it before it sinks into the soil where it came from. A sound from a distant past captured by Soulspace for you! "Time With Her" is a great invention on the deeper side!

Egokind - Blood
Egokind has had some great feedback for his Diamond Days ep on Traum in February 2014."Blood" was a favored track by many who like the deeper side of Egokind, so we have included this track here for you. Enjoy!

Piotr Gajcy - From Birth To Death
The Polish underground producer debuts on Traum with his track " From Birth To Death". Sounds from another galaxy... twisted warped and beautiful. Marking the distance from here to there. In two parts. Pure ambience. Connecting nicely to the music Traum has been releasing over 16 years pushing the independent and individual.

Draso - Farnsworth House
Draso has not much of a biography yet but his contribution to Tour de Traum with "Farnsworth House" could be the beginning. Draso uses a classic ambient structure and weaves in small but spacious dubbed out sounds that give the track an incredible lightness. All here is mellow and round shaped. Nothing is edgy. Welcome to the wonderland of Draso.

JSPR - Daybreak
JSPR releases his second track on Tour De Traum after his contribution of "A Duck, Boys And Girls" on Tour De Traum VII.Medieval, illuminated, monumental "Daybreak" sends the sunbeam through the stained glass windows. Holds feelings of experimental-electronic bands from the 70ies like White Noise. There could be haunting voices in it, beware.

Hansgod - Of You And Me
Beards of melodies and self sung vocals create a bizarre crossover of soulful deep music beyond any category. This is special music for the great moments in life. Soulful in every respect

Frezel - Morning Melody
Frezel says of himself: "Each track I make is like a page out of my diary". Morning Melody" must have been a good day since jolly feelings collide with melodies deep and profound, sometimes sad sometimes uplifting. It is hard to draw the line here as in life.

Bessiff - Viens Avec Moi
Bessif is involved in the techno scene since 2000 and this gives him enough protection to walk through walls of sound fearing nothing. "Viens Avec Moi" is a heavy grinding track that constantly changes its perspective with passages where it collects energy in a gripping way. Towards the middle of the track it switches towards a more positive outlook. This is no track for the weak, you must respect some disharmonies when Bessif twists the knows.

Bowsie - My Invisible Sunbeam
Bowsie are Scott Curtis & Raymond O Connor, they both have been involved in the dance music scene since the early 90's. Their track "My Invisible Sunbeam" is powered by a strong quality sound recording which enables them to have their tracks played by very popular djs such as: Gary Beck, Slam, Paul Woolford and many more . "My Invisible Sunbeam" serves a universal appeal of melodic techno composed with a feeling for euphoria including great break downs of free beat programming.

Extrawelt - In Shape To Escape
No need to introduce the duo who has been recording for Traum since 2006 when they releases "Doch Doch" with us. Listen to their funky-electro-monster "In Shape To Escape" from their latest Traum ep.

Frazier - Hey Coco!
With Frazier we return geographically to the country where our label was founded in 1998, Buenos Aires.As a 16 year old Frazier he took up music lessons at a pre-conservatory, where he learnt to read, write and compose different kind of styles.It shows with "Hey Coco!" this track is not predominantly a dj track but uses the parameter of the beat to transport an advanced understanding for the composition of melodies.

Luke Mandala - Enchant
With Luke Mandala we have another person with high profile on Tour De Traum. Luke has recorded for now 16 years and released on labels by Booka Shade, Dave Seaman, Manual and many more. "Enchant" is the only electro track on Tour De Traum VIII and what a track this is! It connects ethnic sounds, not unlike the African Pick instrument with advanced beat programming and through that makes it a cosmic experience. We have experienced also in the Tour De Traum mix how liberating it can be to break the straight beat with such a track as "Enchant". A Winner.

Ghosts - Kill List
Ghosts are an Irish two piece avant-garde pop outfit that demonstrate impressively with "Kill List" how to blend new wave, electronica, with pop music, keeping a DIY edge. Ghost are killing us softly and with precision. Expect this song to be played on the radio.

Gabs - Mixed Messages
Gabs has released on Tour De Traum VI and VII and we are happy to have him on board again.Gabs studied Multimedia Art in Salzburg and works as a composer and sound designer."Mixed Messages" is a very skilled and thought out alternation of rhythmic beats passages and melodic euphoria, all coming in dynamic waves of "ups" and "downs".It shows a thorough and detailed study of how music works in clubs and therefore can be areal killer in a techno set on the dance floor.

Hannes Rasmus - Blicke Über Den Planschbeckenrand
The Hamburg based artist has releases a vinyl ep on Traum this year. This track is taken from it.The ep had great support from Pitchfork magazine, and from a lot of listeners so if you don`t know it lend your ear to this tune.

Daniel Klose - Hafenklang
Hamburg based Daniel Klose, has send us a with "Hafenklang" a love song, restrained but sensual. His small nuances are essential, the quietness is a strong element in his music. A track for the tastemakers and for those who know.

Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda - Friend Of All That Lives
Taken from their most recent ep on Traum. We dont need to introduce these two artist who records together on Traum with half a dozen of releases out so far.

Koelenz - Marco
Koelenz "Marco" a blast from the past. A track that by magic works though its simplicity and roughness. There is no big stunt arrangement or superior sound design."Marco" is the sound of machines made by somebody who has put his soul in this track.

JJ Salinas - Don´t Feed the Fears
JJ Salinas from Argentina has written with "Don´t Feed the Fears" an extremely dj friendly melodic piece of techno on a high recording standard. It shows its brilliance by the use of a limited numbers of elements in close perfection. The transition from techno to classic ambient is noteworthy and a key element to the arrangement.

Arno Motz - Hunting Wolves
Arno Motz is a techno producer and live dj from Hilversum, The Netherlands.His track "Hunting Wolves" is according to the title, a haunting and dark journey in motion. "Hunting Wolves" keeps a brisk pace that sees no rest and hence is a strong sophisticated tool for the club. Arno Motz is a master in making transitions on a very high dynamic level, creating a lot of tension. Needless to say, it takes you by the hand till the very end, so you have to go all the way. His cunning arrangement is very artistic.

Masterton -Mathilda
Masterton is a resident at Berlin club Gretchen, where we saw Egokind perform some weeks ago. His track "Mathilda" is made for the late hours, tender and gentle. "Mathilda" spins pirouettes of melodies without effort. It has a nice flow as if played in real time, takes in the genre electronica and is highly emotional!

Ariose - Mist
Ariose is the ambitious project of English producers Harry Parker and Sean Liddle who are at the beginning of their career yet already showing great composing skill. "Mist" is as the title suggest a rather opaque and hazy track that chooses a language with a strong emotional appeal.

Van Did & Lox D - Alzure
Van Did is no unknown face in the international electronic scene anymore and has already released with "Wasting And Shopping" and "Rosa" two stunning tracks on previous Tour De Traum releases.This time he has teamed up with Lox D. Together they have created a bland of electronic noir and melodic techno, incorporating a strong liking for indie music as well.

Amire Bendjeddou - Round
"Round" by Amire Bendjeddou could be a soundtrack for a Nouvelle Vague Film of the 60ies. It has that strong connection to fate and that things are predestined to be as they are. Amire Bendjeddou creates a prosaic and melancholic mood giving you the shivers.

Cross End - Flying Cats
Space, loneliness and a certain comical effect, create an absurdity very alive and human not unlike Stanislaw Lems short stories. Cross Ends "Flying Cats" is a track that grow even more on you each time you listen to it.

Jeremy Macanor - Blooms
Jeremy Macanor performs in Estonia as well as in San Francisco and maybe soon around the world. He is inspired by bands/people such as: Gold Panda, Four Tet and Slow Magic to develop his music.The title of the track "Blooms" expresses the feeling of the track very much. The lightness and the beauty within a very lively programmed sound (including played acoustic instruments and percussion) is amazing. Like sugar in a hurricane you can witness slow-motion along speedy drumming and racing melodies.

Mario Hammer - Symphony Of PulsingMario Hammer has been releasing on Tour De Traum before and has recently release an ep on our sub label MBF LTD. The multi faced artist returns to Traum with a symphony of sounds that is equally impressive on the emotional side as it is on the selection of full analogue sounds. The track happens to be the last track on Tour De Traum VIII.



  • Various Artists
  • Release Date 2014-07-23
  • Label Traum








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