Psysex is a Psytrance project whose journey began in the ’90s. From a young age, Udi Sternberg aka DJ Goblin had a connection to music, DJing at 16 and opening his studio at 18. In 1998, the first Psysex release was out: The vinyl 4 Days of Madness. The release had 2 tracks: 4 Days Of Madness with Dave Saragosi and Alien Cop with Josef Quinteros (Bansi/GMS). The name idea "Psysex" for the project came because they kept encountering SysEx Midi error. Around the same time, Udi and Yoni Oshrat started the project Children Of The Doc. Udi was planing his 1st Psytrance album and after making L.S.Dance with Yoni they decided he would be included in the project Psysex. They released Expressions of Rage and 2 more albums together

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