Roy Engel (a.k.a Painkiller) started his musical career at a young age studying music, playing piano and later on beating the drums experiencing rock’n roll adventures. With the rise of electronic music in the 90s he got really inspired and started to develop his electronic beats.Along the years Roy experienced different styles of electronic music and collaborated with many artists and friends around the world. Painkiller’s tracks provide sharp edition of computer technologies, tight mixing, dynamic grooves and fat bass lines. You can recognize musical elements connecting the trance music of today with instrumental and classic music from different times such as Opera, Flamenco, Rock and more....Painkiller released 4 studio albums (Brainwash, License to heal, Duty Freak, Painkiller & Friends), and 3 compilations (Flameco Mania, Hardfloor, Time Is Now).Roy Painkiller

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