Amplify (MX)

The mind behind the project Amplify is Andrew Olavarrieta, member of the well established psychedelic trance duo known as Delysid and the more underground Wicked Wires. Half Mexican half British, since 1998 Amplify has developed his full-on Psy Trance sound to mash up dance floors around the world and has clearly demonstrated the talent for creating a distinctive shamanic style of trance music. Always being very interested in explore the cutting edge sounds and the mind blowing rhythms of trance, Amplify has joined Antu & Maharetta Records sonic sorcerers and his productions are enchanting dancefloors around the world. Amplify have mashed up dancefloors in the biggest festivals around the globe like Universo Paralello (Brasil), Hilltop & Origens (India), Full Moon Festival (Germany), Odissey, Atmosphere & Mikology (Mexico), Psybertech Festival (Portugal), Existence Festival (Spain),

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