A tech house artist bursting with air and charisma, Pagieyourboy sets are characteristic of choppy vocals, and heavy basslines. Beginning his DJing career in 2017, he’s regularly featured on the London music circuit at the likes of Lightbox, Rolling Stock, and Basing House alongside top eight artists Chris Stussy, GW Harrison, Rossi and many more, with a cheeky little KALUKI RADIO GUEST MIX. Not only a versatile DJ, Pagieyourboy has built up a large back catalogue of production, receiving support from Pirate Copy, Versus and Saffron Stone. After honing his craft and relentlessly fine-tuning his sound, a multitude of releases have followed on labels from all corners of the world. Oxidia Records, Nine 83 Music, Mazed Recordings, relyt records and liminal recordings are just some of the imprints to have

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