Dani Toro

Born in Valencia, and based in Bacerlona (Spain) - Dani Toro is an artist that doesn’t fall under any labels, his music style is unique. His sets are always strong and very energetic, which borderline between Tribal House and Progressive, and blends it well with Mainstream House, delightning the most demanding crowd. He has worked at the best LGBT European Clubs. Among being a successful DJ, Dani is a Producer as well. He first produced a track called “Shogun”, which was included in Matinée’s 2009 ATLANTIDA SUMMER COMPILATION CD Release. Recently, he produced and released “HERO” - a track which is sung by SUPERMARTXE’s Vocalist Aron Mayk. Within the upcoming months, he’ll be releasing his very own Recording Label - called INSANIA RECORDINGS. Although his career started back in 1999,

Latest Releases