2wice Shye

2wice Shye is an Electronic music production Duo from Johannesburg South Africa. Which are JonT Schoeman and Cameron Last. Both members started to produce music in their early teens and now have 10 + years of music production experience in various genres. JonT is the Face of 2wice Shye and plays the gigs, while Cameron is the mysterious shadow. Both members work in the studio together to create their unique sounds. As 2wice Shye they produce both Techno and House music in their own flavour with playful percussion, Synths with catchy melodies and Chord progressions, generally opting for darker bass sounds and using all of the above elements to create a story. They have been hard at work in the studio the last 6 years defining the 2wice Shye sound. 2wice Shye officially

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