Peter Kruder

Size of record collection? 6 Ikea Expedit A 2500 Since when do your work as a DJ? 1987 Number of groupies? Subject to my biography Highest excess luggage at the airport? 63 Kilos How long can you play as a DJ? 10 hours Preferred BPM? 0 – 170 Number of self produced tracks? ????????? Where was your first DJ experience? Youth centre Ottakring, Vienna, 1983 First record? Carl Douglas ‘Kung Fu fighting' Idol? ‘The Dude' in the Big Lebowski Your vice/drug? Parisienne Your saying/views on life? Even the most embarrassing moment in your life can make a wonderful page in your biography Worst record a fan asked you to play? A copy of Ike and Tina Turners ‘Nutbush city limits' that the guy brought to the club and offered me $100 to play it. I was poor and I

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