Luis Kill

After many years in electronic music and many musical styles, Luis Kill finds himself, finds his most intimate and sophisticated side, focusing on a journey through all the senses, through melodies and spatial atmospheres, capturing his creativity and know how to do in the studio, always playing their tracks and sessions between Melodic-House, Deep-House, Oriental, Afro-House . Creating his identity and personal brand, signing music at Sol Selectas , Omeni, Soundteller... and incredible music will be released this year. At his young age we can see a broad musical career, since he had the opportunity to impose his music in Berlin, Barcelona, Ibiza, Murcia, Madrid, Rome, Malaga and a long etcetera throughout the Spanish geography. Top Clubs like Goya Social Club, ElRow, Reverse, Moss club, Fabrik, Nox, Ekho, Evaristo and

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