DYNAMIX, a multi Artist act by KULT Records. DYNAMIX creates music which is both commercially viable, cutting-edge and live performance ready. Upon hitting the dancefloors of New York City with a vengeance in the year 2000, DYNAMIX's first release, "Don't Want Another Man" (E. Cumana, A. Harkins, J. Skaller), featuring vocals by TINA ANN, soared to #1 on the Billboard Club-Play charts in only six weeks, with remixes by superstars VICTOR CALDERONE, PETER RAUHOFER, E.G. and additional mixes by DYNAMIX . The single was licensed to *69 Records in the US for Vinyl release while released and published by KULT Records worldwide. Remixes to Tony Braxon and Pink "Stupid Girl's Followed. From There Dynamix took off and released "Never get Me" by Nina Eve which was licensed by Sony in

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