Mahjong is the most well known pseudonym of the producer / dj / musician and remixer Fed Conti.Fed was born in North West Italy and began his career in music in the late 90’s, moving to the UK in 2005 to launch his music production & publishing company Mahjong Music Ltd. Growing up as a jazz-rock musician, he played the Hammond organ and piano with artists such Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari, Benny Golson, Charles Bowen, Lannie McMillan, Mike Stern, Buster Williams, and Mel Gaynor from Simple Minds.He started his career as DJ and producer in early 2000 under the influence of the British Garage and 2 Step movement. In the same year Daniele Baldelli (famous Italian Funky DJ) introduced Fed to ‘Italian club culture’ and so he began playing and producing

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