João Guilherme a.k.a DRIIIFT is a Dance Music artist born and raised in Brasil. At the age of 9, João's interest for Dance music started to grow while he was listenning to great classics from 2010's era, in 2011 aged 10, he was already trying to make his own music inspired by Skrillex heavy Dubstep sound. After a year, in 2012 'DRIIIFT' alias was born, but in another sound direction: João just discovered his love for BigRoom House music with artists like Hardwell, W&W, Laidback Luke and Afrojack. Fast forward to 6 years later, in 2018: Aged 16, João's hardwork paid off for the first time at June 8th, 2018. When he finally managed to get a support from his favorite artist at the time, worldwide superstar DJ 'Hardwell' has just played DRIIIFT music at his radioshow

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