The Melbourne-Based purveyor & producer of dance floor techno. @Baxsta is a reflection of his love of electronic music and his commitment to expanding the boundaries of the genre. He has made a name for himself in the electronic music world with his contagious enthusiasm and indisputable talent, capturing crowds with his captivating beats and powerful basslines, and making a lasting impression with his avant-garde sound. His ability to masterfully combine rich melodies with throbbing rhythms, taking listeners on a sonic trip that takes them to a another world, demonstrates his mastery of electronic music. With releases on top labels across multiple genres such as ⇩ @recoverycollective @muzenga-rec @techgnosis-records @alpakamuzik @cuttinitfine @bbprecordings As well as premiering his works through well-established outlets @sweetspace @8day-montreal Plus multiple tracks charting

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