Aeron Aether

Aeron Aether (Gábor Kovács) is a Hungarian composer, producer, engineer, sound designer, and “experimentalist” of electronic sound. A prolific artist, Aeron has produced chart-topping tracks in various sub-genres of electronic music, including house, progressive, chill-out, and breaks. In addition to studying electrical engineering, Aeron has spent much of his life composing and listening to music, and synthesizing sounds. During his academic study of music, Aeron learned to play cello. Not surprisingly, Aeron has a well-known "signature" of infusing orchestral and symphonic music in almost all of his work. Aeron is currently running his own studio called Aetheron Audio, providing audio engineering, music production, and sound design services. He is also the chief mastering engineer of Monstercat Silk.

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