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Boxed collection of the Audio Tour albums experience. Fade Records mixed up through our years. DJ mixes from Chris Fortier, Royal Sapien, One Of Them, Beaumont Stanford and Rey Aguilar. Audio Tour volumes 1 through 4, as well as bonus Hotmixes and Showcases of most recent output. Cover design by Ben Mautner (

Audio Tour 1
1.Motive ABE (Real 128 Mix) 2.Descent Tempura 3.Luigi Creation (Blackwatchs Eastend Remix) 4. Woven Solder Me (Seed Mix #1) 5.The Alley Qats Talk To Me Goose 6. Chris Micali LEvasion 7.Scott McFadyen G In Your Glow 8.Steve Porter & Chris Reavey Oyster Crackers 9.D-Shake Yaaaah! (Fortier Introduces Porter to 1990 Remix) 10.Chris Fortier Whateveritis 11.Fade So Good (Lifter Mix) 12.Fade Separation (Remix)
Audio Tour 2Disc 1 (Mixed by Royal Sapien) 1.Funk Harmony Park - My Truth (Royal Sapien's Cave Mix) 2.Scott McFadyen Which, Why 3.Tonepushers - Daydreamer (Royal Sapien Remix) 4.JV - Into the Blue (Jas Remix) 5.Fade - The Love (Robb & Skinner Mix) 6.Dream Traveler - Structure 7.Royal Sapien - Carrying On (Dub) 8.Chris Micali - Out There 9.Royal Sapien - Marina Paradiso (Dub) 10.Antahkarana - Pakal (Dub) 11.Ben Camp - Timecrash (Mara Remix) 12.Royal Sapien - Triple Nine (Dub) 13.Dream Traveler - Headpusher 14.Expressed Soul - I'm Waiting (Chris Fortier Remix) 15.Bradley - Rush (Voyager Remix) 16.Sphere - Gravi-tech 17.Chris Fortier - Despegue (Main Mix) 18.Chris Fortier - Despegue (Fractal Ambient Mix) 19.SLP Supernova (Memnon Remix)
Disc 2 (Mixed by Royal Sapien) 1.Chris Fortier - Losing Wait (Reprise) 2.Descent - Fusion 3.Dan Morris & Shylock - Badhatu (Chris Fortier & Kolo Re-Edit) 4.Motive feat. Abagale - ABE (Lovesky Mix) 5.Expressed Soul - I'm Waiting (Luke Fair Mix) 6.Steve Porter - Hulkinator 7.Steve Porter - Rage In The Cage 8.Micah - Come From (Nick and John Dalagelis Dub 2) 9.SLP - Supernova (Ocean Wave vs Regret Mix) 10.Chris Fortier - Losing Wait (Main Mix) 11.Funk Harmony Park - Planet P (Edit)
Disc 3 (Mixed by Chris Fortier)1.Funk Harmony Park - My Truth (Royal Sapien Audio Tour Mix) Disc 3 (Mixed by 40oz) 1.Pat Foosheen - Origins 2.Pat Foosheen - Gift To You 3.Sphere - Gravi-tech 4.Andre Lataste - Silver Shadows 5.Pat Foosheen - Cydonia 6. Seed - Seed Sound (Bass Mix) 7.Smight - Your Happy Place 8.Fade - The Love (Robb & Skinner Beats) 9.Fade - The Love (EBE Remix) 10.Chris Fortier - Losing Wait (Deep Dub) 11.Vissuhda - Visualizer (Tonedepths Deep Mix)
Audio Tour 3
1.One Of Them - My Bike and Me 2.Kolo Intro tool 1 3.Kyaro Vortices (COTK Remix) 4.Profile25 Girls Like Monkeys 5.One Of Them Niko Its A Bad Dream (Gravity Pimps Remix) 6.Crazy Larry Gargiulos Scarf (Tanner Ross remix) 7.Ray Aguilar Exhale 8.Code Talkers Complete 9.Crazy Larry Gargiulos Scarf (Soul Claps Nice n Ripe Rub 10.One Of Them - Contagious Error 11.Maher Daniel 7 Days Straight (Rey Aguilars Back 2 Basics Remix 12.Android Cartel - Hypnotek 13.Signal Deluxe Local Detox 14.One Of Them 1st of 1st (Addled Redneck Mix) 15.Code Talkers A Track 16. One Of Them He Is Solo In New York
Audio Tour 4 Mixed by Beaumont Stanford
1.One Of Them - My Bike And Me (Stelios Vassiloudis And Sasse Remix)2.Pat King - The Opening3.Atnarko & Ramano feat. Dessy - Never Go Away (Rey Aguilar remix)4.Distaff - Abduction Mind (Giash Remix)5.Android_Cartel - Disguise (Dandy Hungary and Invoice Disguised Dub) 6.Chris Fortier - B Dub 7.Daniel Lezcano - Just One More Thing 8.Crazy Larry - Gargiulo's Scarf (A Pawn Shop Memoir) (Tanner Ross Remix) 9.Android Cartel - Silent and Violent 10.Code Talkers - So 11.Lee Pennington - Green Hornet (Darius Bassiray Remix) 12.Mikel Curcio - No Talking (Beaumont Stanford Remix) 13.KARRASKILLA - Chava Vagana (Kasey Taylor Remix)
Audio Tour 4 Mixed by Rey Aguilar
1.One Of Them - My Bike And Me (Subtractive Canyon Mix)2.Chris Fortier - Losing Wait (Subtractive Survival Remix)3.Lee Pennington - The Ant Trail (Max Jacobson & Jason Patrick Mix)4.Beaumont Stanford - Tecsoul5.Pat King - Noises From Above (Daniel Lezcano Remix)6.Chris Fortier - Been There, Used To Do That7.Daniel Lezcano - Get It Together8.Android Cartel - Death Star (Mobias Strum Remix)9.Chris Fortier - Despegue (Eduard Gk Remix)10.Mikel Curio - No Talking (Beaumont Stanford Remix)11.Atnarko & Roman Arcane feat. Dessy - Never Go Away (Rey Aguilar Remix)12.Rey Aguilar - Muchemdumbre (Andrew Grant Holland Tunnel Remix)13.One Of Them - My Bike And Me (Stelios Vassiloudis And Sasse Remix)
Fade Records Greek Mix Sessions08
1.Tonepushers Daydreamer (Ambient Mix) 2.Kolo Looking Out Across A Deep Blue Horizon 3.Android Cartel Hypnotek 4.Chris Fortier Try Bline (Pfirter Remix) 5.Chris Fortier presents 40oz Extension Cord 6.Kyaro Vortices (COTK Remix) 7.Chris Fortier Despegue (Fractal Ambient Mix) 8.deadDrum From The Sun9.Code Talkers Its Amazing 10.One of Them Contagious Error (Addled Mix 1) 11.Profile25 D12.Chris Fortier Losing Wait (Reprise Mix)
Fade Records Choice Cuts '12 (mixed by Chris Fortier)
1.Chris Fortier - As Long As The Moment Exists (Original Mix) 2.One Of Them - My Bike And Me (Subtractive Off Road Mix)3.Opencloud - Hold You Down (Original Mix) 4.Chris Fortier - Dubgowayway (Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix)5.Signal Deluxe - Digital Amarilla (Sakro Remix)6.One Of Them - My Bike and Me (Stelios Vassiloudis and Sasse Remix)7.Chris Fortier - Don't Hide What You Believe (Original Mix)8.Chris Fortier - Twinkle Me (Reggie Spengler Bass Dub)9.Opencloud - Soul Glow (Original Mix)10.Brian Heuer - Want It (Atnarko Remix)11.Chris Fortier - Been There, Used To Do That12.Rey Aguilar - Its Not Over (Chris Fortier Full On Remix)
Fade Records Fall 2013 HotMix (mixed by Chris Fortier)
1.Chris Fortier Baby Wait (Rey Aguilar Metro Remix)2.Daniel Lezcano Get It Together (Facundo Mohrr Just Easy Remix v1)3.Facundo Mohrr & Rodrigo Valdovinos Kermesse (Dub)4.Facundo Mohrr & Rodrigo Valdovinos Kermesse (Version 2)5.Facundo Mohrr & Rodrigo Valdovinos The Ma Ma6.Chris Fortier Round Turn Life (Andromo Dirty Bonus Remix)7.Andromo Dark Camouflage (Mix 1)8.Andromo Dark Camouflage (Sweet Dub)9.Troncoso & Thanos T Black Love10.Chris Fortier Been There, Used To Do That (Luis Junior Remix)11.Chris Fortier Been There, Used To Do That (David Granha Remix)12.Sergio Vilas & JAK Blockhead Dub13.Sergio Vilas & JAK Reaction
Fade Records Spring 2014 Showcase (mixed by Chris Fortier)
1.Thanos T & Troncoso Feat Love Sosa - Black Love (Original Mix)2.Thanos T & Troncoso Feat Love Sosa - Black Love (The Midnight Perverts Rmx)3.Thanos T & Troncoso feat Lou Flores - Santo Demonio (Original Mix)4.Thanos T & Troncoso feat Lou Flores - Santo Demonio (Instrumental Mix)5.Thanos T & Troncoso feat Lou Flores - Santo Demonio (Chris Fortier Remix)6.Lee Mills - A Sunset Swim (Chriss Ronson StereoTRip Remix)7.Lee Mills Wooden Box (Lees Cardboard Box Edition)8.Lee Mills - A Sunset Swim (Probably Me Remix)9.Lee Mills - Wooden Box (Original Mix)10.Lee Mills A Sunset Swim (Original Mix)11.Lee Mills - A Sunset Swim (Lee Mills Remix) - unreleased12.Andromo - Solo Se Bailar (Hair Band Drop-Out Remix)


Fade Records Audio Tour Boxed Set (2004 - 2014)

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