Michael Brun

Michael Brun spent his childhood on the sun-drenched Caribbean island of Haiti. Born to a Haitian father and Guyanese mother who loved music, Brun’s influences stretched from the percussion-heavy Rara and Afro-groove music of his native Haiti, to disco and synth pop. He played guitar and piano from a young age, and took up DJing and EDM production as a hobby at 16, after winning a full scholarship to attend military school in the US, then going on to study Pre-Med at Davidson College. After five years of hard work and experimentation, 21 year-old Michael Brun has become one of dance music’s most well regarded rising stars. His releases on Phazing Records garnered critical acclaim in 2012, with 'Rise', 'Burn Forever' and 'Synergy' all charting in the Beatport Progressive top

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