Mhlengi ngubo (magutshwa) born and raised in Pietermaritzburg in a small township of Elandskop he started music production in 2014 with the group of friends calling them selves (USM Boys) as years gone by mhlengi fell in love with the new afro sound as he looked up to the big name producers from his near town .Black coffee, enoo napa .kususa and many more from kzn region .he reinverted him self with a name Dreamer in 2018 wher he was potentialy fit to release his first work titled konakele from (Arawakan records,USA) Yaneth indluyegagu (Uno Mas,Italy) and many Singles under (Deeo House Nations Records) and (Buder prince digitals) in a space of 3 months . DREAMER is planning to stil make good dance music as he stil grows .

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