HxdB aka hexadecibel is a bass music producer, DJ and promoter. In just a few fruitful years, he has ascended the ranks of Canada’s “must-hear” electronic acts and left an indelible mark on his hometown of Vancouver’s music scene, rapidly gaining the respect of some of the top taste- making DJs around the world. 2011 marked a banner year for this noise-maker, with releases slated on some of the scene’s most respected record labels, including Pinch’s Tectonic, Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood, Palms Out, Frijsfo, Gradient, Aufect, Party Guy, Crude, DubKraft, and several others. In addition to his many other previous releases and 3 previous 12′′ releases on Surefire, Formant and Mindset, his discography seems to grow by the day, as does the international demand for his unique dance floor sound. His

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