Emil (Emilio Aiello)He was born in Reggio Cal. On April 3, 1975 and at theage of fifteen he began the first work experiences inlocal Calabresi in vogue in those years. In the early90s also began some radio programs in the mostimportant local radio stations at the time: FebeaRadio Antenna, Radio Reggio Center, Rc InternationalTouring 104. These experiences led him to work onthe premises of Calabria and Sicily with excellentcontinuity giving him the opportunity to know and toenrich their art. He moved to Tuscany in 1996 hebegan to forge ties with some important leadingfigures of the panorama of the night Tuscany andbegins to perform in several clubs, offering music,house, minimal techno and minimal according toneed. After years of work and artistic comparison withother DJs, decided in April 2012 to give life

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