Antdot is the name that solidified itself as one of the leading figures in Brazilian electronic music, considered one of the Top #7 alternative DJs in Brazil by House Mag. Repeatedly, topping the music charts, Antdot skyrocketed with his remix of "Todo Homem," surpassing expectations and securing the Top #1 Organic House position on Beatport. Created by DJ and music producer Bruno Gustavo from Santa Catarina, Antdot brings an unconventional approach to genres like Progressive, Organic, and Afro House, blending Brazilian influences, samba percussion, and captivating melodies, often with vocals in Portuguese. This innovation has garnered him not only a fan base but also support from names like Keinemusik, Camelphat, Stephan Jolk, Vintage Culture, among others. His unmistakable sonic identity has earned the artist participation in renowned events, from clubs like Hi Ibiza, Green Valley, Laroc Club, and Warung Beach

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