Kindbud is an international DJ, producer, songwriter, and vocalist. He started as a resident DJ in 2006 while living in Barcelona Spain, where he was a feature solo artist, part of the trio The East Coast Syndicate, collaborated with DJ/producer Tuccillo, and performed live at the 2007 DJ Magazine Awards. Since moving to NYC in 2008, Kindbud has released two solo albums, collaborated with DJ Gomi, and formed the production duo TradeCraft with fellow DJ/producer Bobby Duron; their new single, Too Nasty, is forthcoming on Nervous Records. Kindbud has two weekly DJ residencies in New York City, and is currently promoting his new EP, The Soho Sessions Remixes, on Deeplomatic Recordings. The new EP features remixes by top producers Eli Escobar, Piem, Alexander Technique, DJ Gomi, Tres Manos, and Nita

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