Jame Zname

Born in Skopje, Macedonia, in 1993, ( Tamara Stojkoska ) - Jame Zname's first contact with electronic music was in her high- school days. She was immediately drawn by Berlin's underground techno scene, influences that can be felt in her music to this day. Her energetic DJ sets include classic techno and industrial chords accompanied by up tempo techno and hard techno bass. Jame Zname played a lot of music in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Malta etc. including gigs in prominent night clubs and open air's in Skopje. Through hard and continue work she becomes well known far beyond the regional and interregional boundaries of Macedonia. Numerous radio, club, online streams and tv appereancesadorn she's steady path. She is all about industrial and underground classic techno music. Playing those tracks that get you

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