Electronic music producer who has excelled in the techno, indie dance, melodic techno, and other genres. Franc.Marti is originally from Barcelona, Spain, and started producing music in 2006 as a simple hobby. Over time he was experimenting with different styles and sounds, until he found his own musical identity based on the enveloping melodies and the forceful rhythm of techno. Sounds that make you vibrate and that reach everyone. Sort of like complicated simplicity. Franc.Marti has published his music on various record labels, both national and international, such as Radiator Of Sound, Black Reverb, Dead Groovy Music, Techno Ingesto, Skull Label and Technz Records. Some of his most popular songs are Que Es de Tu PAPA (with Bad Teckno), Super K (with E.D.D.B), The Age of Madness (with TUMAKA and Bad

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