South African born and bred Techno Artist and producer. I got into spinning vinyl a good 15 years back, those were my happy raving hard house and hard trance days, Trade in turn mills period. Covid struck and I decided to get back to my passion in music and discovered my insane love for TECHNO. Starting off with Charlotte De Witte and Amelie Lens. Then I discovered the harder more industrial strain of techno which gave me the means to go on and start producing hi octane Industrial Techno. Rebekah, Perc Trax, Kara Trax, WANTON, D.N.P, WNDRLST, Vishscale, 1X1X, GUS, BSLS and many more. I am so happy I decided to get back into music. Especially TECHNO its not just music but a huge culture. At the moment I am mainly producing from

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