Downtown is a project born in the proclaimedCity Invicta, Porto,In December 2013 by João Góis.Inserted in the urban culture of the city and adept of the Underground panorama,Downtown arises to convey its influences Tribal House, Tech House and the accompanying Techno since the 1990s.Downtown that same year (December 2013) took the next step into the world of ProductionPersonalization of your experience by presentingAnd sharing with the publicIts musical culture and the work that it has been developing. Downtown has not gone unnoticed and edited its workIn several publishers as: Aenaria Recordings (Italy) Grind Trax (Japan) Niraya Records (Portugal) Quanza Records (Spain)Cock Pitch Records (Brazil) Elastic Beatz (USA) Niraya (Portugal)In 2016 Downtown establishes its own publisher Tugas RecordsDowntown presents itself to its public in one ofMost mythical clubs of the City

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