Arto Mwambe

Arto Mwambé consists of the 2 Frankfurt city boys Chris Beisswenger and Phillip Lauer. They ran into each other when releasing solo 12"s on Punkt Music (RIP) in the early 2000s and started to produce music together in 2004. Their first highly acclaimed 12" "Girl You Know It's Arto Mwambé" (in 2005) caught the attention of many people including Trevor Jackson, who immediately hired them for a remix on his legendary Output label. Soon after Chris moved away from Frankfurt and the paralympic torch relay was stopped for a while, besides some complicated remix work nothing was achieved till late 2007 when Chris returned and the first studio was built. The freshly founded Brontosaurus label became the perfect home for the next three Arto Mwambé 12"s and more Remixes were done (Spectral, Sonar Kollektiv, Tiny Sticks, Careless or XL Recordings) Just as

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