Vlad Hook

Vlad Hook joined forces back in 2009 to bring forth some massive techno. Owners of 5Stars Techno, Actual Audio, and Weezing record labels, the duo have also released their music on Labrynth, Transmissions, The Zone Rec, Hybrid Confusion, Involve Records, Inmaterial Audio, Platinium Records and many other respectable labels. With remixes from industry heavyweights such as: Advanced Human, Andres Gil, Subfractal, M.A.D.A., Mike Wall, Mikael Pfeiffer, Roman Kramer, Static Sense, Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl, Mark Morris, Klinika, 2loud, Manuel Pisu, Gabeen, Kuniaki Takenaga, Barakat, Sebastian Groth, 4Th Chapter, Quantic Spectroscopy, De Hessejung, they are making waves in the techno scene.

Latest Releases